BE FEARLESS is a campaign that is really is about what the next ten years at Mavuno will be about.

Often times at Mavuno we talk about being fearless – but what does it really mean to be fearless? What are some things that you can do to show that you are actually fearless? Throughout this month, and this next season, we want to unpack this. We really sense that over the next ten years God is calling us to be about four specific things.

The first is GROW – we are going to be talking about how we become part of growing in our own walk of faith, and helping others around us to grow into everything God wants them to be.

The second is, GLOW – this really means to be the light that God has called each of us to be and to impact the society and the world around us.

The third is GO – I really sense that God wants to deploy us to be the fearless influencers that God is calling on us to be.

The fourth is GIVE – It’s going to take giving of our lives, of ourselves, of our resource for us to be able to see these things happen.

That is what BE FEARLESS is about!!

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