Update – July 4th 2016

3rd July 2016 saw Mavuno Church launch a brand new campaign titled BE FEARLESS. This campaign is really about what the next ten years at Mavuno will be about. We want to unpack what it means to be fearless, and talk about the 4G’s we sense God is calling us to. 

We recently talked about one of the G’s – GIVE, which means ‘laying down our lives, ourselves, and our resources’ for God to use to change the world. That’s what BE FEARLESS is really all about!

We believe that as Mavuno we have been to reach people who are far from God, and help them discover their purpose so that they can change the world. However since Mavuno moved to Hill City, we have been held back significantly by our relocation debt.

This includes a Ksh. 42M debt to a very benevolent contractor, who did all the groundwork to help us move here, as well as an additional Ksh. 12M owed to various suppliers, again mostly because of our move.

We have called on each of us to do something we have done before when faced with a big financial challenge.

#1 Tithe Faithfully – this helps us run the ministry of this church.

2 Give Sacrificially – we are challenging each person who calls Mavuno their home to give the equivalent of one month’s salary over and above their tithe towards ensuring that we can focus on our vision. You can do it one time or break it up into 6 parts over the next 6 months, July to December. We hope to pay off our debt and also raise some seed capital to start churches in other countries.


So far we have pledges of over Ksh. 17M. We celebrate the faithfulness and generosity of this congregation!

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  1. Doreen Naomi says:

    Yes 54M is huge but possible in any way for the fearless people. My suggestion is why not approach some corporates to support us in our mission.

    My organization is a Kingdom Bank that God is using to bless the people of Kenya.

    An official letter to the Group Managing Director, & CEO , Co-operative Bank of Kenya, P O Box 48231-00100, Nairobi. Mention our vision,request for monetary support.

    I guarantee a figure of say between 300k-400k. Praying about it.

  2. Doreen Naomi says:

    This is my fearless suggestions and heck what’s at stake? Nothing.

  3. Winnie C says:

    I am Fearless. Thank you the campaign Mavuno.

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